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AWS weighbridge remedial works

Shoalhaven City Council Waste Division put a RFQ to suppliers to design, engineer, construct / renovate their Ulladulla Waste Tranfer Station Weighbridge and Point of Sale.

The existing weighbridge ws not meeting their requirements and was also sinking into the ground as was the existing operators building. The existing structures were sinking and settling at a diferent rate and the facility was becoming more difficult to run for the operators.

AWS put forward two proposals, one being remedial works to the existing QWM weighbridge, foundations & operator buildings. The other proposal accepted by Council was to fully redesign the site, including a new AWS 106 Surface weighbridge installed on several piles in a shallow pit, with the weighbridge deck at the new road level. AWS designed, supplied and installed intergarted removeable walkways down each side of the new weighbridge to allow safe easy access by customers and operators. AWS designed, supplied and installed a steel construction maintenance free weighbridge operators building and the necessary piled footings.

To work within our clients budget we reused the boom gates, some existing piles, the CCTV & mounting poles, and relocated the existing weighbridge building to be reused as a staff room and kitchen area. The results were well received and the business can now accurately weigh long vehicles leaving the site fully loaded, amongst other operational improvements.

Council’s Engineer wrote:

Aussie Weighbridge Systems (AWS) Pty Ltd was contracted by Shoalhaven City Council, between April 2008 and August 2008, to demolish an existing weighbridge, and design and construct a replacement public weighbridge at the Ulladulla Transfer Station.

The work carried out by AWS, in particular Craig Bury (National Sales Manager) and Don Ashworth (Site Manager), was completed on time, within budget and of a very high standard.  Both Craig and Don were available at all times, and accommodating to Council’s requests.

I would have no hesitation in recommending AWS to potential Clients in the construction of similar work.  Please do not hesitate to contact me on (02) 4429 3129 to provide or confirm any further information regarding the successful work completed by AWS.

Yours faithfully

Giordano Bianco Environmental Projects Engineer /

Shoalhaven City Council