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Model AWS112 Wheel Chair Scale

The Model AWS112 wheel chair has all the durability of an industrial platform scale with accuracy and ergonomics required in the Medical World.

wheelchairs wheelchairs wheelchairs
  • An electronic light chair scale with digital weight display.
  • Large clear LCD display, easy to read from any angle and at a distance.
  • Six segment high contrast custom LCD (6 digit 26 mm high).
  • Large users keys
  • To meet the demands of different applications the scale can be powered as stand alone – by dry cell batteries, an internal rechargeable battery or from mains.
  • The display may be pole mounted or desk mounted (stainless steel with tilt and swivel bracket).
  • The platform and base are aluminium die-castings with a stainless steel cover.
  • Easy clean finish with disposable, plastic indicator drip cover.

Log 244 Digital Baby Scale


  • Streamline housing
  • Toggle between lb/kg
  • Hold function for weigh determination
  • Baby head-rest included
  • Easy to carry
  • Large and bright easy to read LCD display
  • Auto power off
  • 4 load cell design
  • Quality carry case included
  • Lightweight design – 2.5kg
  • Battery operation 9V
  • Power adaptor included