Weighbridge Software

AWS EZYWEIGH Transactional Management

Software Solutions

NMI: PS627

Manned & Unmanned Solutions available for:

  • Quarry Management Solution
  • Waste Management Solution- Industrial
  • Registered Public Weighbridge Solution
  • Medical Waste Management Solution
  • Windows Label Generator – Pre Packed Items Point of Sale


Aussie Weighbridge Systems EZYWeigh Transactional Management is an event driven Windows PC based weighing management software system & database package. The available client programs and server database are designed to cater for many different business types and industries. The program has recently gained provisional approval with NMI for the Point of Sale modules & function within the system.

Our systems are used in Council and Private Company landfills and transfer stations, quarrying and mining industry sites, general factory business and warehousing, transport company yards, Standard Public Weighbridges and bulk material industry sites. The range of business is testament to the versatility of the configuration module accessible by the administrator through the user interfaces.

The software architecture is a two (2)-tier client and server environment. The server environment provides a powerful relational database, which is interacted through user-friendly client programs.

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