Batching/Setpoint Software


Weigh Controller

This weighbridge electronic scale indicator display is available in the top left hand corner of the ticketing window. It provides the operator with an active visual display of the weight on the weighbridge in tonnes. This section also provides a summary of the details entered by the driver such as truck and trailer registrations, and also the date and time.


In this section the operator is advised whether the software is loading or unloading. This cannot be changed at this point.


This shows the current tank/container that is being filled/unfilled. This also cannot be changed at this point.

Type In Target Weight

This is the only parameter on this form that can be modified during a transaction. When prompted to enter a value here, the operator can enter a value smaller than the suggested value which automatically appears here by default, or accept the automatically calculated value which is based on a mathematical formula. This is only relevant during filling operations.

Weight List

Within this section details regarding the current parameters considered by the software are shown. These important values determine the amount of filling that can be done, and correspond to the maximum target weight.

Weight Wave

This displays a graphical representation of the weight on the bridge. It also shows the current target weight if currently filling.

Docket Number

This displays the current transaction number which increments each transaction. This cannot be changed.