Medical Waste Management Service Software

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  • Interface with existing platform scales OR purchase purpose built AWS 110 platform and ramps.
  • Friendly windows environment.
  • Use barcodes from your waste retrieval suppliers or generate your own barcodes for waste product identification.
  • Easy fast operation, simply recall stored bins and tares and read barcode on the bins to complete transaction.
  • Collect all waste data and report or export data for supplier payments.
  • Many printer and other interfces provided as standard.
  • Network friendly, leave the database on a secure server and allow controlled access by many simultaneous users.
  • Track you waste origin and destiation with easy standard reports.
  • Email reports and exports from the program.
  • Setup as many bin types as you like.
  • Waste transactions by count provided.
  • Print transaction dockets if necessary, allows for reprints as well.
  • Audit all activities even edits when mistakes are made by operators.
  • Full systems available from AWS, including scales, computers, barcode guns, server licencing.