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AWS Quarry Weighbridge Transaction Management Software Solutions

Buy Weighbridge Software from Weighbridge Experts & run the business efficiently & compliant NMI Provisional Approval: PS627

  • Convert customer quotes to jobs when you clients place orders.
  • Use one Job or Contract No. for a customer many delivery points.
  • Do cubic metre and nett weight loads on the one Job No.
  • Insert the cartage costs and charges directly into the Job No. record.
  • Link unlimited products to same Job No.
  • Monitor and allocate truck movements by reviewing the Tonnes delivered field on demand.
  • Keep control of open jobs by setting tonnage limits and/or start and finish dates for the contracts.
  • Control & invoice Open Cheque business with one (1) transaction link for all loads using Job No.
  • Use Open / Close job function to allocate deliveries, report work load.
  • Link the Job No. direct to vehicle records to avoid operator error.
  • Multi-site businesses can run different Job No. list define by site code from an AWS Central Database.
  • Automate the data transfer seamlessly to third party CRM.
  • Invoice your clients by job, date, specific customer.
  • Extensive report & export function Microsoft Office & E-mail compatible.

Aussie Weighbridge Systems QUARRY Weighbridge Management is a Windows PC based weighing and information management software system package. Manned, and unattended solutions available. This quality Windows weighbridge management program has many standard features to save your staff and managers valuable time & Money $$.

Standard Features Include:

  • The Administrator can allocate Operator Permissions and individual logons.
  • At Logon, Cash Reconciliation option to balance cash floats.
  • Debtors accounting with invoices, statements, credits and adjustments.
  • The ability to reconcile debtor’s payments.
  • Cash & Account GL Batches can be generated and transferred to third party General Ledger programs.
  • Invoices can be raised from job numbers created on the system.
  • Accounting table records can be exported to file locations in three-supported common file formats.
  • Separate debtors accounting reports, trial balance, unpaid invoices etc.
  • In process credit control ALERTS, customer account warnings.
  • Account status warning messaging may be printed to transaction dockets if allowed to continue.
  • Personalised debtors accounting stationary by importing company logos, changing stationary footer messaging, user entered messaging automatically printed on ageing customer accounts.
  • The system provides accounting and transaction stationary. Also allows Microsoft WORD templates to be created and recalled.
  • CBA Com2000 Eftpos terminal Interface and control from the client programs manned and unmanned automatic operation.
  • The ability to reprint a weighbridge dockets.
  • Email reports and exports directly from the client programs.
  • Configuration module to set and change connected peripheral devices from the client program interface.
  • Export Wizard, select fields and export your transactions information in dbase and text file formats to the file location of choice. The ability to save the fields structure use for regular exports.
  • Tables are provided to store information on Products both weighed and counted if necessary, Customers, Suppliers, Destinations, Source, and Vehicle Types for unweighed Standard Loads, Company Fleet Trucks, Customer Trucks, Suppliers / Contractors Trucks, Trailers, Drivers, Job Numbers, Stock Control.
  • Input counted and weighed product pricing with price structure options, including cost for cost/sell analysis.
  • Schedule price increases either globally or by product to activate on a certain date.
  • The ability to edit a previously created transaction to adjust mistakes, changes logged in AUDIT tables.
  • The ability to create Manual Transactions if necessary. Manual transactions may be entered from other locations with site-specific docket numbers entered by the user.
  • The ability to multi product manual dockets or input dockets through the docket entry module.
  • The reporting in the system is very powerful and will allow the operator to filter as little or as much data from the report as required.
  • There are also GST reports and all necessary reporting to prepare EPA returns.
  • Reports can be exported from the report generation window as PDF’s and emailed off your desktop.
  • If you have more than one site there is also a very useful Configuration Module, which allows each site to set-up the software to work with the logistics of the site and style of reporting, and weighbridge docket data required.
  • The software will interface with and support a cash draw.
  • Interfaces to electronic ID systems like proximity cards, Dallas ID Buttons and other identification systems supported.
  • Transaction data can be transmitted to video systems for storage with video images, this makes site auditing very fast and accurate.
  • Traffic Lights & Boom Gates can be interfaced and controlled by both manned and unmanned client programs.
  • Barcode Reader options available to automate some transaction procedures.
  • Stock Control module allowing accurate quantities on hand directly from net weight of products added and deducted over the weighbridge. Stock take variances can be input to the stock control tables through the client programs.
  • Cartage charges and costs can be entered against contract carters and also against job numbers.
  • Orders can be entered directly into the system against job numbers, details and job specific pricing can be input into the job records. Job order quantities can be entered into job records and as delivery or sales occur, the quantity supplied or received comes off job targets.
  • Record offending and prohibited vehicles, the programs monitor for prohibited vehicles and prevent transactions on barred vehicles.
  • Control deletion of transaction dockets, actions written to audit table, including operator ID, time, date.
  • Audit tables for most editor functions on the database. Restricted access to these tales can be available by logon. The program also monitors for weighbridge weight increases that do not result in a transaction. This setting can be adjusted to suit the requirements of a site, and makes it difficult for weighbridge staff to give away business should this be a concern.
  • Trucks may have stored tares, and validity can be set on the tare value to allow random retare requirements. The software automatically provides this procedure.
  • Duty of Care requirements are considered with vehicle’s gross vehicle mass recorded in truck tables to monitor overloaded vehicles leaving the site.
  • RTA Rego Weigh Tickets can be processed in one pass over the weighbridge; charge table for these transactions can be set-up.
  • Full Registered Public Weighbridge Client Available price on application.

Some of the more notable newer features in Ver3.7B:

  • Replication Schema Interfaces to allow automatic replication of sire data direct to Central Database Office Suite. Excellent solution for Multi-Site or Multi-Task site with separate stand alone databases. This solution consolidates all data seamlessly.
  • Job Number / Contract Number Table Expansion to include, more price & cartage price options.
  • Expansion of Suppliers Accounting features & reports, the program is a step closer to providing double entry accounting.
  • Improvements & expansion of the Manual Point of Sale Docketing Module for sites that may not have a weighbridge as yet? Supports barcode functions just like going to the supermarket or hardware store.
  • Development of full USER configurable I/O control with interface card to support more external devices and inputs from field transducers etc.
  • ESCALE unmanned client has increasingly more function, this system stands alone and can adequately process traffic without any human input, Fast, reliable, stable!
  • Option of adding full reverses cycle air conditioning to ESCALE Terminal enclosures to deal with the hot / cool environments.

New functions are being added to this quality program all the time as we react to our customer’s feedback for even better, smarter, time saving systems. The features listed on this page are the more notable and sort after features, your standard AWS program comes with a lot more innovation than you may expect!!