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The ESCALE Driver/Operator Control Station (DCS) is designed for use in rugged industrial environments and/or outdoor unattended operation. A wide range of user options are available, from simple driver initiated ticket to more complex data collection capable of communicating with mainframe computers with seamless data integration. The DCS features a special dust-proof housing to fully enclose the industrial Fanless TFT Panel PC based weighing, recording and printing system.

INDICATOR (optional)

Advanced microprocessor based industrial digital indicator/s may fit in the driver station as a standard unit. The indicator digitizes the analogue weight from the load cells and provides the displayed weight and data for the processing printer.



The system can be configured to provide any sequence of operation generated by weight change, PIN / Rego No. Input, vehicle scanner or electronic identification systems like Dallas Technology. Data table links can be made to PIN/REGO numbers so driver input is not required. Easier than using an ATM.

Systems Standard Inclusions:

Virtual Onscreeen QWERTY Data Entry Keyboard, function & enter keys.

15″LCD Flat Touch Screen Display.

Dallas Ibutton Identification Reader.

Printer, unmanned internally mounted thermal kiosk type, print multiple copies, large paper rolls.

The system supports standard 10/100 LAN connections. The database can be remotely administered, allow replication to central database or seamless data integration to other Third party Software and databases. Fibre Optic & Wireless Ethernet solutions are offered and recommended. Direct VIP support available.

Reporting & Export over 80 standard reports in weighbridge management, export wizard to create user-defined spreadsheets, text files.

External Device Control: Option to control traffic lights, boom gates, and cash draw interface, serial connection to CCTV video systems, vehicle location devices like Laser Photo Sensors & Sensor Curtains, remote IP intercoms, alphanumeric drivers remote displays.

Set Points Batch & level control options available.

Drivers remote displays available from 40 mm – 150 mm for complete transparency 7 to meet unmanned requirements.

Lockable powder coat purpose built enclosure. ( full 316 stainless steel available on request)

Mounting options include at drivers window for ease of use & safety. Onboard UPS with interfaced with Windows OS.

Optically isolated lightening protected I/O’s.